Saturday, May 19, 2012

The founding of Wall Street

1781- The Articles of Confederation was unanimously passed.
1787_ North West Ordinance
1789- Everyone claims that the Constitution was unanimously passed which was a false claim. 

The Articles of Confederation did not allow for gambling. Take a look at what has happened today with the major bailouts of Wall Street. The First Bank of the United States was installed in 1791 which was a Central Bank designed to enslave the people into the districts complained  about in the  Declaration of Independence. All people that keep claiming Constitutional rights under the 1789 Constitution are simply delusional.  If you think the Bill of Rights fixed the  Constitution of 1789, think again, it enslaved the people even more. It was the Bill of Rights for Wall Street and the Constitution of 1789 was for Wall Street, NOT THE PEOPLE.   

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