Wednesday, September 19, 2012

International Public Notice

The general post office for The United States of America has nothing to do with implementing this form entitled below, nor is the document connected to this particular general post office: 


                From this moment forward the Executor shall administrate this estate under the protection of the Crown under the Laws of Great Britain and the general post office.

Nor any other documents that are generated by James Thomas McBride, a self proclaimed  "Post Master General of North America" and claims to hold the Seventh Key of St. Peter.  The self proclaimed "Savior of the world" will charge you 5 ounces of silver and $200.00 per seminar. If he was truly who he says, and backed by the Vatican, no fee would be necessary. Watch out folks, James Thomas McBride is using the Vatican City Coat of Arms, although, it is not necessarily a bad thing, the Office of the Post Master General Divine Province cannot be a Sovereign Country under the  Coat of Arms of another Jurisdiction. That is the Law of the Flag folks and you cannot get around that Law. Please do not confuse the general post office for The United States of America with James Thomas McBride.   

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