Saturday, November 24, 2012

Theft is not tolerated

 Two statements about this issue: 

There are no records in the Confederacy of this guy John A. Glavin. No clue who he is or anything. The guy came out of thin air or there is an attempt to dis-credit The United States of America which is expected and typical of Muslims and their governments no matter which name that government sports on a particular day.

The United States of America does not have any record of a John A. Glavin. It sounds like there was either a mistake in the spelling or the Rail Roads are up to their old tricks again. I believe the latter is closer to the truth. All three records have been checked for a John A. Glavin, nothing there. If we did have this guy on record, we would have convicted him in the Confederacy Courts. He would not have been excused for committing the act of theft no matter which jurisdiction it was committed. If you steal in Germany, you are subject to German Laws, it is that simple. The real American Nationals do not tolerate theft. 

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