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Post Master Council for The United States of America is offering a
reciprocity agreement to any country willing and able to enter into
and establish formal trade and commercial reciprocity agreements
with the general post office, the Official Government for The United
States of America. Such agreements will be for the purposes of
establishing proper diplomatic relations, protocol and reciprocal
cognizance of documents, rights and immunities of each high
contracting party.

With this Notice and offer, the governing Council for the general
post office (henceforth “the Council”) extends its greetings to the
world and the family of nations.
Recent events have taken place that will benefit all who read this
message. The Articles of Confederation (c. 1781) has been lawfully
and properly amended. In the original Articles of Confederation
(henceforth “Articles”) on page one, second paragraph, the Articles
begin with the following statement:
Article I. The Stile of this Confederacy shall be "The United States of
This is now amended to read: The Stile of this Confederacy shall be
“The United States of America,” as amended from “the thirteen
united States of America” and “the united States of America, as
amended.” (c. 2012)

Recently, a public debate has been opened by certain British
Attorneys, stating that the original Declaration of Independence
(July 4, 1776, henceforth “Declaration”) was illegal, although no
substantiation or supporting briefs for such claims have been put
forth. It is the official position of the Council that the undisclosed
reason for these claims is due to inconsistencies found in the
naming references in the Declaration and the Articles, which the
current amended version has properly addressed and resolved.

For instance, whenever one starts a new corporation, the Articles of
Organization for the new entity are sent to the Secretary of State in
the desired state jurisdiction. If the corporation has the name
“Widget, Inc.” and somewhere in the organizing articles it is written
“Widgets, Inc.” the paperwork will be returned in order to correct
the mistake and inconsistency.

”Widget, Inc.” and “Widgets, Inc.” are two separate and distinct
names, no matter how similar, and the law will not allow for such
inconsistency. The Secretary of State will properly reject the filing
based on the inconsistency. One cannot present and name two
separate entities in one filing; they have to be filed separately.
However, if “Widget, Inc.” is already filed and a notice of amendment
is subsequently filed to amend the name to “Widgets, Inc.” the
second amending filing will be accepted.

In the Declaration of Independence the heading establishes the
name of the declaring parties as [the unanimous Declaration of]
“the thirteen united States of America.” At the bottom of the
Declaration it reads: “Representatives of the united States of
America.” By this inconsistency the people have discovered and now
reveal to the world that two separate entities are referred to in the
Declaration and have not been legally tied together. This would
make the Declaration of Independence illegal as accused by the
British Attorneys, and therefore has no standing. The Articles of
Confederation came along with a third entity stiled “The United
States of America,” but was without a Declaration of Independence
because it was never connected to the other two entities with the
wording “as amended.” For over two hundred years the entities in
the Declaration of Independence were without a Constitution, and
the first Constitution was without a Declaration of Independence,
and around and around we go.

The Constitution of 1787, witnessed in1789, presented two more
contracting parties, “We the People of the United States”, who
established and ordained said constitution for “the United States of
America,” the latter being a fifth entity created within twelve years,
which was also without a Declaration of Independence.

King George III took advantage of this legal blunder by signing the
Treaty of Paris (1783) wherein it makes reference to King George III
as “arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire,
etc., and of the United States of America…” yet the entity, “the
United States of America”, did not exist for another six years
according to the historical record, first appearing as one of the
contracting parties in the Constitution c. 1787, wherein one party,
“We the People of the United States” did ordain and establish said
constitution for the other contracting party, “…the United States of

The establishment of the entity, “the United States of America” as
referenced in the constitution of 1787 was only witnessed by 39 of
the 74 delegates. There never occurred a vote by the delegates
under the Articles of Confederation, in Congress, assembled before
the purported New Constitution was sent to the States for
ratification; therefore not meeting the unanimous requirement of
the Articles to change the Government by the Delegates and the
States. Even if all of the States did ratify the purported New
Constitution, the States would have been in dishonor of the Articles
of Confederation.

Quote: Every State shall abide by the determination of the United
States in Congress assembled, on all questions which by this
Confederation are submitted to them. And the Articles of this
Confederation shall be inviolably observed by every State, and the
Union shall be perpetual; nor shall any alteration at any time
hereafter be made in any of them; unless such alteration be agreed
to in a Congress of the United States, and be afterwards confirmed
by the legislatures of every State. End quote

This Act created an illegal separation and distinction from “The
United States of America” entity as the “stile” of the original

The United States of America first came into possession of land in
1784 by and through the first Northwest Ordinance of that year,
amended and expanded in the better known Northwest Ordinance
passed by the United States in Congress, assembled on July 13,
1787, a mere two months before the emergence of the Constitution
for the United States of America. As such, King George III gave title
to the land to his own Federal Government through the Treaty of
Paris (1783), and the people were told they were free and
independent under a New Federal Government. Further, the
Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787 established a temporary
government for the territory made up of such states and land, and
recognized said territory as one district that could be expanded into
two districts at the discretionary choice of the United States. This
placed all citizens of the United States and of the states in federal
districts, and all other states brought in under “equal footing”
under the jurisdiction of such a “temporary” government, with the
proviso of such being expanded into a second district or many
districts spread throughout the states.

The people were now wrapped in a “temporary” government so that
there could be taxation without representation all over again just as
it was stated in the Declaration of Independence in the first place.
That condition still remains today. A close look at any Birth
Certificate will show that it reads somewhere on the document that
the child was born in a particular district, essentially a sub-division
of the primary districts created by the Northwest Ordinance.
One might ask: “Why was this a illegal act by King George III?” It is
because General Charles Cornwallis had already surrendered his
sword and returned to England. King George III did not have legal
claim to the land before the Treaty of Paris in 1783, nor did he have
the authority to grant any of the land in North America because
King George III had surrendered all such claim to the people
through conquest when General Charles Cornwallis surrendered his
sword, which was under the authority of King George III.
In present time, the people have accepted liability for the legal
inconsistencies, and have now corrected this critical oversight in
law, having done so by signing and becoming a party to the original
Articles of Confederation. Proper notice has been given for ninety
(90) days on the international level in order to perfect their
standing. These people now constitute the governing Council for
the general post office, the Official Government for The United
States of America, which has also been properly claimed and
established in international law. One must be a party to an
agreement through binding signature and proper notification before
they can change, alter or amend it. By virtue of these recent
historical acts, the people now have standing to return to their
original capacity in the Republic form of Government. All of the
people on American soil will have a chance to be a part of this
historic event in a short time as they now have a legal Independent
Nation stiled “The United States of America”.

The United States of America, with proper legal standing, status
and capacity, as established by the above enumerated points and
events authorizes the General Post Master Council for The United
States of America to offer the following terms and conditions for the
acceptance of this Reciprocity Agreement for Mutual Cognizance
and Diplomatic Exchange, pursuant to the Law of Nations, to any
and all nations to accept and to engage herewith, to wit:
1. The contracting country will accept the NON-SEC, NON-UCC
LICENSED, “DRIVER’S LICENSE”, Passport and other
documents of The United States of America, as well as the
monetary unit called the “coubit”. Reciprocally, The United
States of America will accept the Driver’s License (or
equivalent), Passport and other documents, and the
currency of the contracting country at an agreed upon
exchange rate.

2. The United States of America shall honor and respect the
visiting Citizens, Nationals, and RESIDENTS of the
contracting country with the utmost consideration, and
preserve all rights, privileges and immunities as are
afforded to the Citizens, Nationals, and RESIDENTS of The
United States of America.

3. The United States of America is offering a Universal World
Peace Treaty to any Nation, State, state and country willing
to be at peace with The United States of America. Let it be
known that The United States of America is at Peace with
all sovereign nations in the world.

4. The terms and conditions are subject to negotiation,
additions, changes or modifications as may be prudent and
proper between any such accepting contracting parties.

The United States of America has changed in and for a better World
for all. As The United States of America grows in population, so will
the value of its currency, which is a great investment for its future
international partners.

Respectfully offered to the World this Twenty-Seventh Day of the
Fourth Month in the Year Two Thousand Twelve.
General Post Master Council for
The United States of America

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