Monday, April 9, 2012

general post office for The United States of America

The purpose of the general post office has a rich history in The United States of America in a Confederacy form of Government, not to be confused with the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.  The difference between a Democracy and Confederacy is very simple, in a Democracy, government is in every aspect of your life including controlling your business. In a Confederacy, the Government is self-sustaining and protects your rights and privacy. Everyone has a right to choose their form of Government which is done by oath or affirmation to that form of Government. Failure to do so or make that choice, a choice will be made for you. All Governments are started by the general post office, that is why the organization has been re-created and is now Internationally recognized to assist you in your political choice if you choose to make a choice.  The general post office is on  a peace keeping mission especially in the field of complimentary currencies.  The general post office is ready to recognize all complimentary currencies/local currencies and is ready to establish a central hub for trade of "alternative" currencies. The general post office is inherently charged with this responsibility along with addresses which include the rural free delivery routes abandoned by the USPS just a short time ago. The general post office has claimed that survey and is now the Trust Territory of the general post office. The only part that is missing is you. Please feel free to ask questions and the Committee will do its best to give a comprehensive answer.   Any negative or non-productive questions will be deleted immediately. Ask the general post office about  our RESIDENT registration  program for those seeking to exercise their right of self -determination in a Confederacy form of Government within the original "The United States of America".  To learn more, visit

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