Monday, April 23, 2012

Support the John Birch Society

There have been a lot of really good people that have been victims of the Southern Poverty Law Center and are influencing the Local Police to believe you are against the Local Police, when really the Local Police are being used for a Political and Banking Agenda instead of their true purpose. Many of the State Police are being used for the same political and banking purpose. If you have been profiled as a anti-government group or a "Domestic Terrorist" and told by the Police that you fit that profile.  That profile is coming from the Southern Poverty Law Center that is funded to the tune of 12 million per year, per their organization profile and work closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigations thereby influencing the FBI agents, Local Police and State Police to treat America and the people as their enemy.  The  Southern Poverty Law Center is an extremely dangerous organization and is against America. The Southern Poverty Law Center hates Americans and what America stands for such as Truth and Freedom.  Be careful and please support the John Birch Society in their work on exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center for what they really are and who is really behind its Agenda. 

Thank you.

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